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The smooth operation, preventive maintenance and regular service of the technology equipment determine the lifetime, energy efficiency and return of investment for the whole project. We focus on operating costs and provide professional care for technical equipment, as well as the removal of failures or retrofitting projects of technical equipment.

Professional Inspections and Examinations

Professional inspections and examination of dedicated technical equipment electric, gas and pressure.

Dedicated Technical Equipment

We provide professional inspections and examinations of dedicated technical equipment. We locate and remove failures of technological equipment.

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HVAC Servicing

Professional services for HV and LV electrical installations, cooling, ventilation, and fire-fighting equipment.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

We provide regular, comprehensive care of technical equipment in your property. We will help you to get the most out of the lifetime value and reduce operating costs in your project.

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Engineering and Retrofitting

Passportization of technological equipment, preparation of documents for retrofit projects, engineering and representation in administrative proceedings.

Retrofit of HVAC Systems and Technology Equipment

We will prepare the operating documentation, operating regulations, protocols for the determination of external environmental impacts, technical passportization of buildings and equipment, project documentation for administrative proceedings.

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Energy Consultancy

Feasibility studies and HVAC system evaluation. Consultancy in the field of energy sources.

We will help you to reduce operating costs

We will prepare audits and studies for your property. We provide advice on GES. We provide an audit of operating costs and eligibility of charged items, including legal advice.

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Customer’s vision comes first in Amperia. We always listen carefully. Then we look for solutions that make sense and you can afford them.

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