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The lifetime value of HVAC equipment is determined by several key factors. The preventive maintenance schedule is the backbone of holding your energy and maintenance costs on the side of permanent operational efficiency. Regular HVAC servicing and subsequent repairs support the smooth performance of the equipment and lowering the operational costs from the long term point of view. In Amperia we provide professional servicing of HVAC systems along with repairs or replacement of consumables such as oil, filters and the like.

Low voltage and high voltage wiring servicing

This activity includes infrared thermal imaging, measurement of cable termination, transformer station mandatory equipment check, SF6 gas leakage evaluation. We provide quality control of oil in transformers, as well as the setting of protections, control of setting elements and other support activities.

Operational fault detection in electrical installation

Are you experiencing electricity outages? We locate the wiring failure and suggest a solution to it. We can deal with minor repairs on-site and schedule the solution for the wider repairs. Sometimes we need to order the specific spare parts or to take into account that the project requires a more sophisticated approach that minimizes the negative impact on the operation of the building. 

The shortcomings in the inspection reports

The inspection report contains a list of failures discovered during the professional examination. The shortcomings are expected to be remedied after the inspection within the exact date set by the revision technician. We ensure the elimination of the faults, but also we can cover the whole procedure from the revision to the check of the elimination of the faults.

Service of cooling systems

We provide professional service, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting (delivery, assembly, commissioning, project documentation) on cooling equipment – machine chillers, fan coils, split units, and heat pumps.

Service and cleaning of air ventilation equipment

There are always strict requirements on air quality in every commercial building. The healthy indoor environment of buildings is tightly connected to the air exchange which would not be possible to ensure without the smooth air exchange operation. In this sense, the air ventilation units and ducts have to be regularly maintained in terms of servicing and cleaning.

If the ventilation ducts are clogged with grease from fast foods, there is also a problem in terms of fire safety. We are always treating the air ventilation system in a complex way.  In this field, we provide regular servicing and maintenance – duct cleaning and replacement of air-conditioning filters, control of fans, dampers and humidifiers, heaters and coolers in the whole system.

Heating systems and boiler rooms

Safe, reliable boiler performance? Besides the revisions, we also provide service, maintenance and repairs of boiler room equipment – boilers, burners, expansion vessels, water treatment, chimneys, ventilation, electrical installation, eventually elaboration of operating order and boiler room maintenance book.

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